Courses available through United Lutheran Seminary, and participating in the Certificate in Ecology and Theology in the Washington Theological Consortium

Environment, Faith and Praxis (3 credits) — This course challenges and equips participants to develop public witness to the resilient love and justice of God in the face of environmental damage and ecological injustice. The course provides connections from environmental history and ecological theology to inform projects developed by participants. Students choose projects in areas such as food & faith; energy stewardship; habitat care; eco-justice advocacy or outdoor spirituality (Completion of a project in outdoor spirituality within this course satisfies the spiritual formation requirement).

Environmental History of Christianity (3 credits) — Global and local environmental troubles prompt critical reconsideration of habits and traditions. Drawing on the fields of environmental history and ecological theology, this course examines modern history of Christianity in eco-theological perspective, seeking precedents and critical insight for the church’s contemporary response to environmental crisis. The course is online and organized in weekly units featuring a-synchronous activities (presentations, media and discussion boards), and there is a project required.

“Certificate in Ecology & Theology”  A study option through the Washington Theological Consortium, an ecumenical and inter-faith team of theological schools.

How did ecology-related studies emerge in TCCI? 

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