Rural and Small Church Ministry (3 credits) – offers fresh looks into the cultures, habits and worldviews of congregations and communities in open country to towns of 10,000, including especially Appalachia (regularly at United Lutheran Seminary Gettysburg campus, and recently at Payne Theological Seminary and Pittsburgh Seminary)

Rural Immersions — immersion in Appalachia sponsored by Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center, or a other opportunities.


Students who complete the RSCM course, an immersion, and electives related to rural or small town ministry, may qualify for a Concentration in Town and Country Church Ministry (CTCCM). Inquire with TCCI Director Gil Waldkoenig

“Certificate in Ecology & Theology”  A study option through the Washington Theological Consortium, an ecumenical and inter-faith team of theological schools.

More questions or possibly interested? Talk to Professor Gil Waldkoenig, phone 717-338-3029; gwaldkoenig@ulsedu

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